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Month: November 2018

Tips to avoid heavy charges for car rentals

Are you planning for a long trip in car? Do you think that renting a car would be the wisest decision for the journey? Then you need to know the tips that the experts of car rentals Toronto are giving to avoid being charged heavily. There are already many precedents where even the big car rental companies over charge the customers grossly over minor damages. To remain safe from the burdens of overcharging just read the following instructions carefully and we guarantee that you will be safe for the rest of the tour.

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Before the Rental Agreement

Search online what other people have written about the car rental company of your choice. if you do find a lot of online complaints against the rental company, it is best to not get involved in any kind of agreement with them.

Check and compare the price range of different car rental companies but beware about the deals that look too good to be true. Most probably these deals are topped with surcharges, hidden fees and taxes.

Before buying any rental insurance, find whether your personal car insurance cover for the rental vehicles. Call your car insurance company or the agent to get a clear view on the matter. If you are still confused contact car rentals Toronto for further assistance.

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At the Time of Renting

Inspect the vehicle that you are renting thoroughly. Even if the rental company already inspected the vehicle check the car again personally. The experts of car rentals Toronto said that ideally, one of the agents from the company should be present with you at the time of the checking. Just make sure even the smallest of damages get noted before signing any agreement.

Take lots of pictures of the car. Even the smallest dents and scratches should not get avoided.

The experts of car rentals Toronto advice you to ask as many questions as you can think of to get a clear idea about the amount you are paying for any the reason behind the payment.

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After the Rental

Try to bring the car back during the working hours of the company. It is not at all wise to drop the keys off after the closing hours. If you return the vehicle during the working hours the company agent can check the vehicle for any damage that you have caused in front of you. In this way, you can avoid payment demands for the damages that you have not caused at all.

If it is not possible for you to drop the car at the open hours of the company, try to take as many pictures as you can at the time of the drop.

If you do notice that there is some unnecessary charges allotted to you after you returned the vehicle try and complain against the company. You can also write online complaints and warn other customers about the misdeeds of the said company. If you want to give all these hassle a miss, car rentals Toronto suggests you to contact them as soon as possible.